About Multimedia Portfolios

The Academic Keys Multimedia Portfolio is an innovative tool that is available to all job applicants free of charge. Job applicants can upload a collection of various files including: Cover Letters, Resumes, Personal Statements, Academic Papers & Documents, Presentations, Videos, Pictures, and more.

A job applicant can then build a Multimedia Portfolio from some or all of these files and send a web link via e-mail directly to any potential employer with an e-mail address. When the potential employer visits the web link they will have direct access to the documents and multimedia the applicant chose to include. The applicant can build different Multimedia Portfolios for different employers, customized to their requirements.

The Academic Keys Multimedia Portfolio is a new frontier in academic recruitment, empowering both applicants and academic employers.

Job Applicants - Use your multimedia portfolio to...:

  • Show potential employers videos of your teaching style, presentations, performances or research experiments
  • Post pictures of your latest research, artwork, etc.
  • Post your academic papers or power points for review by employers
  • This service is completely FREE for you to use!
  • Post your CV/resume and create a multimedia portfolio right now!

Employers - Encourage multimedia portfolios so that you may...: