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  • Chancellor
    Abu Dhabi University

    Abu Dhabi University ( is accepting applications for the position of Chancellor. The University seeks an experienced and skilled chancellor to develop and lead the institution through new growth and development initiatives.

    The successful candidate must represent the best and most relevant values of American education and display excellent managerial skills as well as cultural sensitivity. The purpose of this role is to effectively plan strategy and leadership within the institution with an acute understanding to develop the scope, quality and productivity of all the academic programs. The Chancellor must ensure that the institution is achieving its expected results and that they are consistent and align with other strategic goals of the University.


    [*]Serves as the chief executive and administrative officer of the institution, and exercises complete executive authority subject to the direction of the Institution.
    [*]Oversees the administration of the institution, including the enforcement of the decisions, actions, policies, and regulations of the Board of Directors applicable to the institution.
    [*]Serves as the official medium of communication between the Board of Directors and all deans, heads or department chairs, directors, and all other administrative officers, faculty members, students, and employees.
    [*]Advises the Board of Directors on any incompatible actions or proposals regarding institution regulations and procedures.
    [*]Ensures compliance with statutory and legal requirements, ministerial regulations and accreditation requirements are met throughout the institution.

    [*]Provides executive leadership and oversees the entire institutional operations through the senior leadership team. Defines the scope of authority of faculties, councils, committees, and officers of the institution; and authorizes and approves all projects, programs, and institutional reports undertaken on behalf of the institution.
    [*]Exercises full authority in the regulation of student affairs and in matters of student discipline.
    [*]Provides suggestions and directions, and organizes follow up to ensure all set goals for each unit are achieved.
    [*]Provides strategic leadership in planning, continuous improvement, budgeting and evaluation, in academic, administrative and financial systems.
    [*]Monitors the progress towards attaining various institutional strategic goals and objectives. Directs appropriate actions to improve success by achieving major improvements in the overall effectiveness of core processes across the Institution by reducing waste and resolving major problems.

    [*]Conducts business by planning and assigning clear objectives for 5 years.
    [*]Provides follow up on achieving tactical goals by setting and approving a realistic Balance Scorecard for each member of the senior leadership team.
    [*]Participates in campus planning activities relating to tuition rate, financial assistance, graduate student support, academic buildings, space use, research infrastructure and academic programs.
    [*]Plans and develops public relation policies to improve Institution image and relations with academic staff, students, other employees, regulatory agencies, government ministries, and the public; delivering significant improvements in the level of awareness for and external recognition of the Institution.
    [*]Develops the scope, quality and productivity of the Institution’s academic, administrative and community outreach programs in collaboration with the Provost and Vice Chancellor.
    [*]Oversees the effectiveness and research activities of the Institution.

    [*]Plans and directs the formulation of budgets to provide funding for new and continuing operations.
    [*]Presents budgets to the Board of Directors for approval.

    [*]Reviews the activity reports, financial statements, manpower planning, and oversees operational activities of the institution to ensure proper internal controls are in place to safeguard the assets of the Institution.
    [*]Prepares the State of the Institution report.
    [*]Approves the organizational structure below the level of Dean, Director, and Manager; the number and nature of the positions shall be determined by means of the plan and budget process of the Institution.

    [*]Successful administrative experience - Provost level or above
    [*]Experience working in private university
    [*]Bi-lingual preferred (English, and Arabic)
    [*]Excellent communication skills
    [*]Strong leadership ability
    [*]Deep commitment to academic excellence with strong scholarship
    [*]Good analytical skills
    [*]Understanding of shared governance
    [*]Ability to promote diversity
    [*]Knowledge of accreditation

    [b]About Abu Dhabi University[/b]
    Abu Dhabi University is based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the largest city in the country and boasts some of the finest parks in the Middle East.

    Abu Dhabi University is licensed by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and all of its degree programs have received accreditation by the Ministry. The University is also accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran, and all its degree programs are recognized by the various Ministries of Education in these countries.

    Abu Dhabi University's programs, encompassing a variety of different cultures and structures, mirror the past and present of our society and anticipate the emerging future needs of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees based on the American model of higher education, as well as several professional diploma and postgraduate programs, utilizing the British system of postsecondary education. The official language of the university is English; however, the university offers degree and diploma programs both in English and Arabic.

    Abu Dhabi University is being assisted by Hyatt-Fennell and Academic Keys. Submit applications to Cheryl Hyatt or Jennifer Muller at Applications include a letter of interest, a current résumé, and contact information for five professional references, in separate documents. Hyatt-Fennell, Academic Keys and the Board of the University will review applications as they are received. The search will remain open until the position is filled. All applications and nominations will be considered highly confidential.

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